This is a comprehensive package where you will be given tailored inputs and feedback to equip yourself to ace the IT job interview. Proper direction, preparation plan, consistent follow up, feedback, and mock tests for all. Stand a chance for referral to your dream software job!

How we mentor

  • Define your own goal. Tell us what you want – Job appointment or Salary hike or passionate work etc., and we’ll take care of preparing you for it.
  • Mentoring is done in cycles. 4 weeks is called a cycle.
  • Mentorship duration: 16 weeks
  • Each cycle has a plan, strategy & a target to complete.
  • Plans for each cycle will be shared to you before the cycle starts, and progress will be tracked on weekly calls.

Checkout our plans and pricing below. Steps to enrol is also listed.

Steps to enroll

  1. Fill the below form and mail it to [email protected] with the mail subject “Mentoring enrollment – {Your Name}”

2. Register at Hackerrank and take the below online contest.

There are 10 problems of varying difficulty. Attempt all the problems irrespective of whether you can solve. This is to gauge your current coding style, and provide personalised feedback and tips.

3. Once step 1 and 2 are done, Tutoraj team will contact you for a brief discussion to understand your needs better and share the cost estimate to be paid


Base Price: ₹4500.00 (Interview preparation)

Skills add-on price: Depending on your requirement. Checkout our plans above.

For more details, please contact us.