This is a comprehensive mentoring and guidance service to bud young entreprenuers and establish your own startup!

Hey, are you a college student with big aspirations to become a future entrepreneur?

   Don’t wait… Join with us and become an entrepreneur even before you finish college. Becoming an entrepreneur is great but to become a student entrepreneur and start a successful business setup is amazing and something you can be proud of!
    I know you may think we are joking and this is impossible. Actually its not, we are here to do the magic spell where your ideas turn into a Business Setup!

Here’s the advantage of starting your Business in your college:
To run any business you need:

More time to concentrate on the Startup

Manpower to implement the idea

Manpower to promote the business

As a college student, you will have free time to focus on the business and you will be in the peak of your networking abilities! You will have contacts with students community, which will definitely boost your business and manpower potential. All this helps in a faster Time-To-Market! If you startup while pursuing your job, it will be tug-of-war between your age and time, trust us!

Here’s how to get started right away:

  • Share your business idea. let us know whether it’s a Brick and Mortar Model or Digital Model.
  • We will provide you with the implementation model for your business.
  • We will guide you with a dedicated mentor on:
    • Getting your org registered
    • Taking your business online
    • Recruiting the right people
    • Making a roadmap for your team
    • Branding your startup
    • Sales & Marketing strategy for your business
    • Client Acquisition
    • Customer Support
    • Providing the right tools to manage your business
    • Connecting you to the right network
    • And much more!