Quick Overview about the program


  • Once you register, you will be given a set of affiliate links, please save them as that is what you have to fwd to your friends
  • Alternatively, if you add “?ref={your_referral_code}” to the below service links, it will become your personalized referral link. (Note: your_referral_code will be of the format: ‘ace_’ some_number). Eg: If your_referral_code is ace_1, then this is a valid referral link: https://tutoraj.com/online-boss-client-discount/?ref=ace_1
  • Once you fwd the links to a friend, and the friend enrolls into a service, you will get an incentive as defined in the below table. Apart from perks, you are also eligible to get access to premium-learning content.
  • You can follow the marketing tips in this page or reach out to your mentor for better sales performance.
  • You can view your accumulated incentive here
  • Once your total incentive reaches Rs.200, your Gpay/Paytm number will be credited every Sunday with the incentive amount
  • There is no limit to how much you can earn as an affiliate.
    • Assume you sell 50 workshops and 100 recordings and refer 10 friends to ACE, you will get: 50*90 + 100*15+ 10*8 = Rs.6,080 directly into your wallet.
  • Below is the affiliate incentive sheet per unit sale.
ServiceIncentive in Rs.
Refer friends to ACE Campaign (Max 12)8
Online Boss Workshop90
Build your website workshop90
Data Analytics Workshop90
AI – ML Hands-on Workshop90
Fitness & Nutrition Workshop90
Build your website Recording15
King Maker workshop Recording 15
Online Boss workshop Recording15
  • For any queries, please contact support@tutoraj.com