We don’t believe in “One fits all”! Each person is different, so are their ambitions! Some may wanna get placed in a dream job, some may wanna do research, some may wanna do higher studies while some may wanna be an entrepreneur and many could be confused or haven’t found their passion as yet.

We wanna ensure that no matter what your goals are, if you have passion and dedication towards it, we will figure out what you need to do to get their quickly! No doubt you can also do it the hard way of trying to figure it all out yourself, but should you put your hand in fire, just to realize it burns?

“Pick only those battles that you’re likely to win”! Mentoring ensure just that! You do not have to waste your precious time and energy, when we can offer you tailored action plans and direction to expedite your progress! It is like catalyst in a chemical reaction. End result is obtained far quickly!

This is a comprehensive service in which, you will be given tailored inputs and action plan made just for you to groom yourself as a leader and a professional to meet your aspirations. Proper direction, preparation plan, consistent follow up, feedback, and mock tests are given to each mentee. Stand a chance for referral to your dream software job/internship, as a brownie point!

Overview of this service


How we mentor

  • You share your expectation and aspirations first.
  • We’ll provide you with effective plans to reach your target
  • We’ll assign a mentor to guide you for 8 weeks in 2 cycles.
  • Each cycle has a plan, strategy & a target to complete.
  • Progress will be tracked on weekly calls.

Enroll with us, and take charge of your career!


Base fee of Rs. 3,000/- to be prepaid online from the below link.


  • Understanding your requirements – Rs. 200
  • Preparing tailored plans – Rs. 600 * 2 cycles
  • Weekly 45 minute mentoring call – Rs. 200 * 8 weeks