Covid-19 Awareness Update

Greetings from Tutoraj!
Update as on 27-Mar-20:

We are seeing growing concern among public about Coronavirus. Here are some positive news to spread & keep people calm:

  1. More than 91% of infected people have either recovered or are mild cases.
  2. The avg probability of dying for people below 60 is only 0.005, for those above 60 is 0.09. So, do not panic even if you happen to get infected!
  3. By implementing lockdown, the rate of spread is kept under control, and hence an overload on our health infra is being mitigated.
  4. Remember, thousands of people have recovered even though a cure/vaccine is not found yet. Be strong, our will is stronger than the virus!
  5. If you need a listening soul, or any clarification we at Tutoraj are there for you!

If you have any ideas to fight Corona, let us know in comments below. We’ll do our best to take it to notice of authorities!
If you need help, call the toll free number 011-23978046


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