February 10

Inspiration for Tutoraj

Conducted first ever hands-on workshop for 100+ people in an University, while being a college student
October 10

Tutoraj is born

A thought passed to replicate the college workshop wonder, and extend scope to broader horizon
December 10

Tutoraj has a website

Being a fan of the internet, we took Tutoraj.com online
January 10

Tutoraj gets first client

During casual conversation about our venture, a friend got really impressed and became our first client!
February 15

Tutoraj ties up with 2 Universities

We have officially signed MoU’s to train students of 2 renowned Universities in Tamilnadu
March 10

Corona havoc

All our Institutional engagements hit a sudden halt, owing to the Covid-19 lockdown
April 10

Tutoraj starts B2C

When plans go bust, the strong come up with new plans! We started exploring B2C opportunities of introducing multiple services directly to clients through online platforms
May 24

Campus Ambassador program is rolled out

Tutoraj has rolled out a program to train students on marketing
June 2

First batch is inducted

Hundreds of students are inducted into the first batch of Campus Ambassador program
June 30

500 Clients

A major milestone reached