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Frequently Asked Questions

How will this workshop be conducted?

It will be an online workshop conducted via Webex. Specific details like meeting link, and passcode if any, will be shared to your email ID a week before the workshop date

I have no idea about coding or IT, can I participate?

Definitely! Infact we encourage such people to participate, as this will be a golden opportunity to get software exposure. You will find this workshop useful for the rest of your lives!

What will I do during the workshop?

You will be learning the basics of website, ways to build and also build a very useful website hands-on! Not just that, you will learn to host it online and the ways to make money!

What if I pay but unable to attend the workshop?

We totally understand that due to adhoc reasons, you might end up missing the booked slot. In those cases, please drop a mail to [email protected] and we will do our best to accommodate you in the next batch

Who are the tutors for the workshop?

We have a team of professionals from product firms like Microsoft, Amazon, Zoho, Citi etc., who will be tutoring the workshop. Quality is guaranteed!

What all languages do the tutors know?

Every tutor is fluent in English. Most tutors are comfortable in Hindi and Tamil as well.

What are the software required for the workshop?

You will get a mail 2 days before the workshop, with links to the required softwares and installation instructions. Just following the instructions should be fine.

I do not have a PC/Laptop, can I participate?

While having a system is preferable to try things hands-on, it is not mandatory, as the tutor will also be sharing the screen and doing a hands-on session that you can watch and learn.

If I want to continue learning more after the workshop, what do I do?

Your tutor will share online resources for further self-reading. If you have specific queries, you can drop a mail to [email protected] and expect quick response. We are also planning to roll out more workshops in increasing levels of expertise at a discounted price for people who have already attended, to encourage your transition from a beginner to a professional.

Why choose Tutoraj, instead of free online videos?

Quality of tutors at a very reasonable price. We have done the grind of filtering and compiling just what is required, so that you don’t end up searching for a needle in haystack. You get hands-on exposure and certificate. Besides, our support is top notch, hence you can stay connected via mails to clarify your doubts.