Tech Geek Profile Combo



Get this combo pack, which adds multi-dimensional skillset to your profile with authentic certificate for each skill!

  • Data Analytics
  • Website development
  • Machine Learning
  • Online Boss Workshop
  • Programming
  • King Maker Workshop
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • IT Support
  • RPA Automation & Testing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Blockchain
  • Game Development
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Placement guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the workshop contain?

You will start with learning the basics of the topic to build the fundamentals. You will be shown a demo on how to work hands-on, to reinforce your learning you can follow with the instructor and build a similar solution yourself! Each topic mentioned in the agenda will be covered, and you will end up having practical exposure that will last a lifetime! Visit the workshop page to know more intricate details about the workshop agenda

What all materials will I get when I enroll?

You will get the below:

  • Entire workshop recording
  • Learning materials
  • Authentic Certificate
  • Forum to clarify all your doubts

When will I get the certificate?

Certificates are generated and sent to your email by next Monday from the date of enrollment.

When will I get the recording and other reference materials?

The moment you place the order, you will immediately have access to the PDF containing all necessary information. Still, we will send them to your email by next Monday from the date of enrollment, along with the certificate.

What do we mean by authentic certificate?

Unlike other platform, we don’t simply issue a certificate. Our certificate contains QR code and a participant ID with which the certificate can be verified, thus making it authentic and useful for recruiters

After enrolling, where can I clarify if I have queries on the workshop topic?

We strive to provide the best support possible. We have a dedicated discussion forum for each workshop, where you can post your doubts and our team of tutors will clarify them. The link to the forum will be present inside the instruction PDF you get after placing the order